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A berry good end to a six week event from skip2bfit workshopsA six week skip2bfit personalised learning programme, financed through Greenfields Primary school’s personalised learning budget, culminated in a hands-on visit to skip2bfit sponsor Winterwood Farms. Not only did the thirty school children get to quiz multi-millionaire owner Steve Taylor about running a business, but they also got to experience the pack house and production line first hand. Discovering a world-record breaking blueberry, weighing in at 10g with a 33mmm diameter topped the day for the Greenfields’ Top Skippers.

Says Richard Young ( teacher at Greenfields Primary school Maidstone)
“In all my years teaching this has truly been the most rewarding field trip ever. Combined with the six weeks of motivation and improvement skip2bfit has made personal achievement real, leading to success in and out of the classroom”.
John McCormack was delighted to add that , “The improvement at Greenfields has been tremendous. The kids have worked really hard but they have also been part of a programme that means something to them in real terms. The £100,000 worth of berries we have given away in the last twelve months as part of our skip2bfit challenges, work-shop and programmes have allowed the kids to see, taste and feel what the healthy eating and healthy living message is all about.”

If you want to find out more about the difference skip2bfit has made at Greenfields Primary school, why not get in touch with Headteacher Janet Herbert on 01622 758538

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