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Abigail is the new Skip2Bfit champion 2009The 6th Skip2Bfit Thanet Primary Schools skipping Challenge day on the morning of 27th March 2009 at Ramsgate Sports Centre, discovered a new Skip2Bfit Champion. Abigail from St Peter's School amazed everybody with her skipping ability. In every round she was getting scores of over 400 skips a minute and helped her school to take every title going for the Junior Schools. Abigail's score New Schools Skipping Champion 2009 for the individual round was a record for Skip2Bfit of 437 skips in 2 minutes and she is now top of the leader board. Abigail is a keen gymnast and has practiced her skipping at the lunchtime skipping sessions run by the school. The Deputy Head teacher at St Peter's was very proud of the school's results this year. They had won the School Challenge Cup in the previous year so were keen to keep hold of the trophy and were extremely pleased when the team came home with all the titles available for Junior School. John from SkipBbfit said 'it just shows what can be achieved when a school practices for the event and runs a lunchtime skipping club to select the best skippers.

Skipping is something anybody can do anywhere and it gives children opportunities to get involved in an event when they may not normally get a chance as they do not always have the parental support available. St Peter's is a great example of what can be achieved if the children practice.' He would like to congratulate Mrs Day who runs the lunchtime skipping club at St Peter's for her success and looks forward to seeing them competing next year to keep their trophies.
School Challenge Cup (8 skippers)

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