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An Interview with PE Lead Headteacher from Barnsbury Primary on the Impact of Skip2Bfit in her schoolClare Spires first discovered Skip2bfit at the Surrey School Sport Conference and immediately saw the benefits it could have in her school. She went ahead and booked a one day workshop and from that  a 6 week programme for some of the year groups. After this she said:-

'Please can I extend my sincere thanks once again to you and your company.   Our 173 children across three year groups completed their six week programme with Skip2BFit today and attended assembly. Never before have I seen so many children completely addicted to one sport. Skipping has taken our school by storm. Children who had never picked up a rope have improved their performance beyond their wildest dreams. Children are competing against their own goals and are thrilled when they see the results.  

Our school Motto… Believe, Persevere, Succeed has been brought to life this last half term as children have become inspired to keep fit and seen the results first hand.'

She also informed us that she had been booked as a key note speaker and:-

'I am speaking as PE leader at the School Sports Forum in leatherhead on March 17th and would love to use your company as an example of the difference I am making as PE leader in my school if you don’t mind? '

John took the opportunity recently to interview her on what her thoughts were on the impact of Skip2bfit in her school. This can be seen in the video below.





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