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Karl Turner MP visits skip2bfit Skipping WorkshopsOn Friday 14th January Skip 2B Fit jumped into Victoria Dock Primary School and sent the children hopping mad! They were also visited by the local MP Karl Turner, who had a go himself and handed prizes out to the children.

The day has been reported Mr Turner's website here  saying "It was great today to be able to support such a great initiative. It just goes to show what can be achieved with the right support, teachers and headmaster." 

The Head teacher at Victoria Docks , Kite Denham is one of the Primary Advocate Headteachers for the Youth Sports Trust. He has said " All children and staff were buzzing from the sessions and were talking about it long after the sessions. The children were as engaged in the sessions as they
have been with anything which is real credit to yourself and speaks volumes about your delivery. I am very confident that the children (and staff) will work hard to beat their scores and the scores of the staff.
I would recommend the day to every school, regardless of its strenghts and interest in physical education. The content of the day covers so many curriculum areas in a lively and fun way which undoubtably encourages and inspires every child to do their best in whatever they do."

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