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John continues his boxing links by sponsoring the winner of the recent welterweight prizefighter competition. Michael 'the Look' Lomax triumphed after a superb final at the York Hall, which was televised live on Sky TV. John has known Michael for several years and was happy to sponsor him for this event. Michael had represented england at amateur level and colected £25,000 for his win.

"This feels great but I was so psyched up I knew I was going to win the Prizefighter competition," said a delighted Lomax. "I knew I was the most talented out there but I just needed a chance to prove how good I can be and I felt I got better as the night went on.

Michael had a difficult fight to get to the final receiveing two cuts in the first round but he was confident of his ability to go on and win the title.

John said ' I have known Michael for several years and was confident that this Championship would suit his style of fighting.'

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