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A school in Cornwall  purchased a skip2bfit kitbag as they thought the idea was brilliant to gets kids motivated to exercise.

They wanted to use a more instant visual example of improvement in the children's skipping scores so they came up with the idea of using an old rope with pegs on it. The rope represented 0 to 400 and to represent the children's scores each child was given a plastic peg with their name on and this was placed on the rope where their score was. As they increased their score the moved from the right to the left of the rope and the hope is as they get further into the term there will be more pegs towards the 400 end of the rope.

This idea has really motivated the children and they have gone skipping mad. See the video below to hear what the teacher Ross had to say about the skip2bfit programme and how they had adapted it with this innovative idea into the whole school.



Primary Education Gets Skip2Bfit 


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