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Skip2bfit comes to Liverpool 

We’ve been to Northern Ireland, we’ve been to Scotland, but the skip2bfit make every second count message has finally come to Liverpool.
Says Dovedale Primary School Head Nick Smith,
“ I had experienced the results of the powerful healthy eating, healthy living message of skip 2bfit first hand in my old school near London. So when I took over at Dovedale I decided to give John a call. But as we found out towards the end of the day - its not just the teachers who pass on the skip2bfit message! We overheard two eight year old boys in deep discussion…
Child 1 ( looking worried) - “I don’t think I skipped as well as I could today.”
Child 2, 
“I don’t think John’s really worried about that. I think he just wants us to enjoy taking part.”
Skip2bfit makes a difference because it’s fun. That’s why it is a sustainable, successful programme. It can work in your school too.

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