Can be used for both curriculum time PE and 

A unique exercise programme for primary school children teachers and parents.

  • Up to one hour sessions all to timed music tracks
  • 2 minute boxing fitness exercises  given Outstanding by OFSTED
  • Using medicine balls, fitness pads and mitts, skipping ropes and blueberry bounce balls
  • Children are fully active for over 30 minutes
  • Working in pairs motivating each other
  • Great fun for everybody involved
  • Great for intra-school competition
  • Whole day workshop in school
  • All instructors fully insured and DBS checked
  • CPD training for teachers provided on the workshop day when the Primary Box2Bfit Kitbag is also purchased.
  • Can be used for both curriculum time PE and after school parent/pupil activity for parental engagement.
  • Fits in with Ofsted Recommendation in their report- 'Beyond 2012- Outstanding physical education for all',  in that all teachers and sports staff should try to improve pupils’ fitness by keeping them physically active throughout all lessons and engaging them in regular, high-intensity vigorous activity for sustained periods of time. 


Cost of one day workshop £380 + VAT


If schools wish to continue with Box2Bfit after the one day workshop they can purchase their own Parent/Pupil Box2Bfit Kitbag. This costs £600 + VAT and includes the following:-

  • Embroidered Box2Bfit bag on wheels 
  • 6 Sets of Box2Bfit Leather pads
  • 6 sets of Box2Bfit leather mitts
  • 4 2Kg leather medicine medicine balls
  • 8 3kg leather medicine balls
  • 1 A1 box2bfit challenge chart
  • 1 Explanatory DVD showing the Box2Bfit routine in action
  • 1 timed muisc CD
  • 6 Blueberry bounce balls
  • 50 Skip2Bfit counting skipping ropes
  • 1 set of station cards explaining each circuit station

Schools that purchase a workshop and a kitbag can receive CPD training on the day either at lunchtime or after school.

This resource is perfect for schools looking for something different to spend their Sport Premium on. Please contact us if you would like to book a workshop.

“120 Key stage 2 children, a whole lot of sweat and smiles, but no blood and tears! The whole of our KS2 had a fantastic time participating in Box2Bfit workshops with John McCormack. Each class took part in an hours circuit and was focused, motivated and 100% on task for the whole time. The fitter, more able students were stretched ( literally) and those students who sometimes find PE less easy to access were able to take part at their own level. Even the staff were motivated to take part, some being a little more competitive than others!” Richard Sanders, PE Coordinator, All Saints Primary School, Hertfordshire