The second stage of the Skip2Bfit App has now been released. It works on Apple and Android phones and can be downloaded here:-

 App Store

Google Play store

Order Your Family Friendly Skip2Bfit Rope On Our website here or on Ebay here.

The Skip2Bfit App is the world's first voice over motivational app. It has one free 2 minute track which can be used to time a 2 minute skip. 

This latest update now also has the  Skip2Bfit HIIT Track which has three 2 minute Skip2bfit tracks with a one minute heartbeat inbetween as follows:-

2 Minute Skip2Bfit HIIT Track 1a

1 Minute Heart Beat

2 Minute Skip2Bfit HIIT Track 1b

1 Minute Heart Beat

2 Minute Skip2Bfit HIIT Track 1c

In total this is an 8 minute HIIT fitness routine.

Using a Skip2Bfit rope skip throughout the 2 minute tracks. See how many skips you do in total. Work out your average or simply use the best score. Try to improve on your score as your fitness improves. How many skips can you do?

HIIT Training has become very popular recently as more and more research has been done on the benefits of it. Studies have shown that High Intensity Interval Training is better at improving fitness levels than long continuous fitness sessions such as jogging. If you are skipping as fast as you can following our music track then this is HIIT. Why not give it a go?