Box2Bfit is a fun new way of improving fitness levels, using training methods followed by boxers, without the contact. It was originally designed for older children but the fantastic feedback received led us to develop a primary version as well.

How does it work?

* Up to 15 fitness stations

* Fun motivating timed fitness CD

* Using medicine balls, fitness pads and mitts and skipping ropes

* Ability to measure improvement

The bag also includes an explanatory DVD which explains each station in detail, stationcards, so that everybody knows what they are doing on each station, and a record card on a pdf file which can be used to record repitions and improvement.

Box2Bfit Training workshop

This can either be a school workshop or outside school such as a club or leisure centre. We charge £380 + VAT for a one day's workshop. Normally these are within a school workshop enviroment and we spend the day at the school doing up to one hour workshops with classes of up to 60 children a time.
These sessions can be used to motivate the students using an experienced box2Bfit instructor, so that they are keen to continue with the box2Bfit training sessions. The instructor can also train teachers and young leaders to lead the sessions themselves, either during school hours or after school. Schools do not have to buy a kitbag or have any equipment, as we will bring it along with us on the day.
If the school wishes to carry on with box2Bfit themselves after the training day they can buy a kitbag. There are two types available the senior box2Bfit kitbag and the primary box2Bfit kitbag.

Senior Box2Bfit Kitbag

The Senior Box2Bfit kitbag is designed for classes of up to 48 children. It contains:-

  • Embroidered Box2Bfit bag on wheels
  • 6 sets of box2Bfit leather pads
  • 6 sets of box2Bfit leather mitts
  • 4 2kg leather medicine balls
  • 8 3kg leather medicine ball
  • 1 A1 box2bfit challenge chart
  • 1 Explanatory DVD showing the Box2Bfit routine in action
  • 1 timed music CD 6 blueberry bounce balls
  • 50 Skip2bfit counting skipping ropes
  • 1 set of station cards explaining each circuit station

         Cost £600 + VAT

Schools that also purchase a workshop will receive training on the day.

Case studies have been undertaken by the Youth SportsTrust on Box2Bfit as follows:-

Birchwood High School- Increased participation by disengaged girls using the Box2bfit kitbag.The senior Box2Bfit workshop and kitbag is a fantastic alternative sporting provision in schools and can help with motivating disengaged girls and engaging young people in a new activity, as you can see from these case studies:-

South Bromsgrove- Engaging young people in a new activity

We can be contacted on 01843 603020 or for more information or details of availability.