The New Skip2bfit Professional digital skipping ropes have been designed here at Skip2bfit following years of working with counting skipping ropes. They are especially made for Skip2bfit to be stronger and more durable than our standard rope. They are still adjustable and have our reliable counters in them.

To use you place the handle in your right hand to  count the number of skips you do . As you skip the counter counts the number of revolutions it does.  The handle is made from strong plastic and is covered with foam for comfort and protection. No batteries are required, simply skip and the rope counts. Press the button to reset. Use the rope to try the Skip2bfit two minute challenge and see how many skips you can do in two minutes. For a 2 minute track why not download our free App which has a free 2 minute music track and the ability to record your Personal Score. 

The Skip2bfit skipping ropes are fully adjustable so they can be used for small children and adults alike( up to 6ft 6in ). The Professional ropes are slightly longer than are standard rope being  3.3m in length to adjust for all sizes. The rope part  is made of durable plastic  for speed skipping rather than cotton which is useless for skipping as the rope is far too light and frays very easily.
The skip2bfit counter has been developed over a number of years to make sure it counts the number of skips you do when used correctly. We know this is the best digital counting rope on the market and it is recommended by John McCormack, professional boxing trainer.
The Professional Skip2bfit skipping ropes are available in four colours, red, blue, black and pink.

Skipping is a great cardiovascular exercise and the skip2bfit rope is perfect to get you started and motivated. Simply skip for 2 minutes and see how many skips you do. Use the skip2bfit CD or App to time your 2 minutes and skip to fast music to motivate you even more. Monitor your score on the family fitness chart. 

The Skip2bfit rope has been specially designed for Skip2bfit to ensure high quality. It makes skipping much more fun and gives children and adults the challenge they need to improve their fitness levels.

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