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We work with schools, public health and community events and corporate events. 

Our Youth Sport Trust award winning, skipping workshops use our specially designed counting skipping ropes to incorporate numeracy whilst promoting fitness and healthy living. The Innovation Award  was given to recognise the work of skip2bfit in incorporating school improvement with physical exercise.

Skip2Bfit in schools Schools

We provide a variety of school workshops incorporating Skip2Bfit and Box2Bfit

Skip2Bfit workshops can be run in both primary and secondary schools. We break skipping down into easy steps and show children how they can learn to skip like a boxer.

Skip2Bfit in business Corporate

At Skip2Bfit we promote skipping as a great and easy way to keep fit and active.

If your company is looking for a way of promoting fitness to your staff then come and talk to us. Out workshops can fit in with your requirements and office space.

Skip2Bfit in the community Community

Community Events are a fantastic fun activity for your event to get people involved and active.

Skip2Bfit Community Events are a fantastic and fun activity for your event to get people involved and active. We've attended many events offering people the opportunity to take part in our 2 minute Skip2Bfit Challenge.